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Goratory "Sour Grapes" CDGoratory "Sour Grapes" CD
Serocs "Vore" CD
Serocs Serocs "Vore" CD
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Serocs "The Phobos/Deimos Suite" CD
Gaerea (Portugal) "Gaerea" CD
Fractal Generator "Macrocosmos" CD
Convocation "Ashes Coalesce" CD
Void Rot "Descending Pillars" CD
Void Rot "Consumed By Oblivion" CD
Venomous Skeleton "Drowning In Circles" CD
Turris Eburnea "Turris Eburnea" CD
Lord Gore "Scalpels For Blind Surgeons" CD
Goratory "Sour Grapes" CD
Galvanizer "Sanguine Vigil" CD
Demiurgon "The Oblivious Lure" CD
Convocation "Scars Across" CD
Construct Of Lethe "Corpsegod" CD
Black Hole Deity "Lair Of Xenolich" CD

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