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Within Destruction "Yokai" 12"
Behemoth "Evangelion (Splatter Vinyl)" 12"Behemoth "Evangelion (Splatter Vinyl)" 12"
D.R.I. "Thrash Zone (Maroon Marbled Vinyl)" 12"D.R.I. "Thrash Zone (Maroon Marbled Vinyl)" 12"
Slayer "Hell Awaits" 12"Slayer "Hell Awaits" 12"
D.R.I. "Four of a Kind (Red Marbled Vinyl)" 12"D.R.I. "Four of a Kind (Red Marbled Vinyl)" 12"
Mental Cruelty "Inferis" Limited Edition 12"Mental Cruelty "Inferis" Limited Edition 12"
Vulture "Dealin' Death (Teal Marbled Vinyl)" 12"Vulture "Dealin' Death (Teal Marbled Vinyl)" 12"
Slayer "Show No Mercy" 12"Slayer "Show No Mercy" 12"
Organectomy "Domain of the Wretched" 12"
Distant "Tyrannotophia" Limited Edition 12"Distant "Tyrannotophia" Limited Edition 12"
Necrophagist "Epitaph (12" Vinyl, black)" 12"
power trip "Nightmare Logic" 12"
Brand of Sacrifice "Lifeblood" 12"Brand of Sacrifice "Lifeblood" 12"
Osiah "Kingdom of Lies" Limited Edition 12"Osiah "Kingdom of Lies" Limited Edition 12"
Amon Amarth "Fate of Norns - Orange LP" 12"Amon Amarth "Fate of Norns - Orange LP" 12"
Mercyful Fate "Melissa (Splatter Vinyl)" 12"Mercyful Fate "Melissa (Splatter Vinyl)" 12"
Guttural Slug "Plague Of Filth" 12"
Bolt Thrower "Mercenary (180g Black Vinyl)" 12"Bolt Thrower "Mercenary (180g Black Vinyl)" 12"
Bewitcher "Cursed Be Thy Kingdom" 12"
The Sword "Gods of the Earth" 12"The Sword "Gods of the Earth" 12"
Cognitive "Matricide" 12"Cognitive "Matricide" 12"
Whitechapel "This Is Exile (Picture Disc)" 12"
Ingested "The Level Above Human" 12"Ingested "The Level Above Human" 12"
Amon Amarth "The Crusher (Clear Vinyl)" 12"Amon Amarth "The Crusher (Clear Vinyl)" 12"
Amon Amarth "Surtur Rising (Clear Vinyl)" 12"Amon Amarth "Surtur Rising (Clear Vinyl)" 12"
King Diamond "Abigail (Opaque Blue Vinyl)" 12"King Diamond "Abigail (Opaque Blue Vinyl)" 12"
King Diamond "Them (Sky Blue Vinyl)" 12"King Diamond "Them (Sky Blue Vinyl)" 12"
Misery Index "Coffin Up The Nails" 12"
Morbid Angel "Covenant" 12"
Visigoth "Conqueror's Oath (Silver Vinyl)" 12"Visigoth "Conqueror's Oath (Silver Vinyl)" 12"
Inferno "Paradeigma (oxblood / black)" Limited Edition 12"
Aara "En Ergo Einai" Limited Edition 12"
Emperor "Wrath Of The Tyrant" 12"
Municipal Waste "The Art Of Partying" 12"
Stoner "Stoners Rule" 12"Stoner "Stoners Rule" 12"
Stoner Stoner "Stoners Rule" 12"
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Bongzilla "Doom Sessions Vol. 4 Split" 12"
Sleep "Volume One" 12"
Sleep Sleep "Volume One" 12"
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Horrendous "Sweet Blasphemies" 12"
Gravesend "Methods Of Human Disposal" 12"
Ion Dissonance "Cast The First Stone" 12"
Fuming Mouth "The Grand Descent" 12"
End "Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face" 12"
Bongzilla "Weedsconsin (Green/Red Splatter)" 12"
Children Of Bodom "Halo Of Blood" 12"
Genghis Tron "Dream Weapon" 12"
VI "De Praestigiis Angelorum" Limited Edition 12"

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