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Release The Blackness "Tragedy" CDRelease The Blackness "Tragedy" CD
Mutual Hostility "Sacred Propaganda" CDMutual Hostility "Sacred Propaganda" CD
Taur-Im-Duinath "The Burning Bridges" 2xCDTaur-Im-Duinath "The Burning Bridges" 2xCD
Brand New Punch "ReBurn" CDBrand New Punch "ReBurn" CD
Odium Humani Generis "Przeddzień" CDOdium Humani Generis "Przeddzień" CD
Eight Lives Down "Humans" CDEight Lives Down "Humans" CD
Tenebra "Through Crying Souls I See What I Was" CDTenebra "Through Crying Souls I See What I Was" CD

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