Yawning Man "Birth of Sol" 2x12"

Color: Black
Sale price$40.00


Compilation, Demo
Release date: 1986


  1. Tuff Dude
  2. Dots, Lines and Mesh
  3. Faith Cakes
  4. Devil’s Ladder
  5. Sour Glaze
  6. Kone of Meet
  7. Menso
  8. Sinkhole
  9. SLAB
  10. Fires of Papas Chile
  11. Saucey and Saggy
  12. Paseo Lindo
  13. Change for a Beggar
  14. Bet I’ll Six
  15. Sweet Nuggat
  16. Saco
  17. Three Legged Table
  18. Pheasant Under Glass
  19. Catamaran
  20. Deaf Conductor
  21. Crack, Harden, Dry
  22. Friends of Me
  23. The Lonely Rancher
  24. Moroccan Stash

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