Winter Solstice "The Fall Of Rome" CD

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1. Following Caligula
2. Calibrate The Virus
3. Watcher
4. Courtesy Bow
5. The Fall Of Rome
6. Malice In Wonderland
7. 55/23
8. The Hampton Roads Fourth Annual Parade For The Blind
9. To The Nines
10. L'Aeroport

What's different about The Fall of Rome from the bands' previous work is that they have fine-tuned themselves as musicians and now have a much more mature and focused sound. This is due in part to the bands relentless playing and practice schedule. Winter Solstice has not only improved their playing drastically but has settled into a much more metal/thrashy sound with more flowing breakdowns and heavy parts than previous releases. Winter Solstice wants listeners to walk away with the feeling that they just heard a band that is not only unrelenting and punishing but also has a strong message to bring to their fans.

Metal Blade Records item #145232

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