Wind Rose "Shadows Over Lothadruin" Bundle

Wind Rose

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Shadows over Lothadruin T-Shirt Size:
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Bundle includes:

-Wind Rose "Shadows over Lothadruin" CD

-Wind Rose "Shadows over Lothadruin" two-sided black t-shirt

-Wind Rose "Shadows over Lothadruin: 12"x18" poster


Re-issue of Wind Rose now classic debut album "Shadows over Lothadruin", Re-mastered and Re-orchestared!

Running order:

1- Awakening 
2-The Endless Prophecy
4-Son of a Thousand Nights
5-The Fourth Vanguard 
7-Oath To Betray 
8- Led By Light
9- Moontear Sanctuary 
10-Close to the End 

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