Wardruna "Runaljod Ragnarok (Repress - Gatefold)" 2x12"

Color: Black
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New reissue of Wardruna 'Runaljod – Ragnarok' as Gatefold 2LP 

Wardruna's 3rd album and last in the "Runaljod" Trilogy. Includes the lyrics in Norwegian and translations into English.


Side A:
1 Tyr
2 UruR

Side B:
3 Isa
4 MannaR - Drivande
5 MannaR - Liv

Side C:
6 Raido
7 Pertho
8 Odal

Side D:
9 Wunjo
10 Runaljod

Label: By Norse Music
Media Type: 2x black LP, Triple Gatefold
Release date: October 21st, 2016
Genre: Folk / World Music

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