Wadge "Wadge | Captain Three Leg Split CD" CD

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A pairing of two killer grindcore acts finally available on physical format. 

WADGE make some of the best grind around.  It's got a sense of humour without being lame, and the riffs are top-notch.

CAPTAIN THREE LEG are another absolutely under-appreciated band.  This C3L recording sounds great, punchy grind with multiple vocals which make it sound frantic.  As with WADGE, there's a definite punk influence going on and the tunes are catchy as all hell.

Tracks 1-7 (Wadge)
1. Gone Native     0:44
2. Tiki Merchants     0:34
3. I'm Shrinking     1:06
4. Leiomano Persuasion     0:33
5. Aloha Hell     0:43
6. Polynesian Overlords     0:52
7. Schizzo Surf     1:04

Tracks 8-17 (C3L)
8. Failed Attempts at Excellence     0:52
9. Count Me Out     0:42
10. Wipe, Flush, Wash & Leave     0:18
11. Fowl Play     0:51
12. The Amish Meat Scandal     0:31
13. Spiritually Thin and Physical     0:14
14. A Mustache Free of Irony     0:26
15. Consolidation Time     0:46
16. All-Girl Moshpit     0:25
17. Night Wrestling     0:39

Limited to 300 copies housed with a 4-panel insert in a PVC sleeve.

Unholy Anarchy Records | At War With False Noise | Mortville Noise (2015)

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