Unleash The Archers "Phantoma Earbook" Boxset


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NEW 2024 album Phantoma 2-disc Earbook Edition featuring cover artwork by Dusty Peterson.  Includes album on CD and bonus intrumental CD, plus 7" EP 'Ghosts In The Wave' with two bonus tracks: Tarzan Boy (cover song) and Ghosts In The Wave (synthwave version of Ghosts In The Mist).  Also includes 60 page book with lyrics, images, and 10 chapters of the story of Phantoma.

Recorded by JJ Heath and Andrew Kingsley.

Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen.

Layout by Reese Patterson.

This is a pre-order item only!  Album to be release May 10th, 2024; order will ship to arrive as close to that date as possible.

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