Unidad Trauma "Arte Médica Siniestra (Digipak)" CD

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2019 was a strange year for underground medicine in Tijuana, Baja California. A series
of unfortunate events befell one of the most infamous medical practices in all of Mexico, causing
it to abruptly shutter its seedy doors, effectively halting its progress on questionable medical
techniques and research. However, the fierce need within the remaining doctors to continue
their work could not be excised from the world of medicine. Plans were quickly brought forth to
create a new practice in which the 4 young Doctors' thirst for the discovery of new sinister
medical knowledge could be quenched.

So comes forth ARTE MÉDICA SINIESTRA, the debut collection of lurid symposiums from the
medical practitioners UNIDAD TRAUMA on CONCRETO RECORDS.

Track List:
1. Intro (Tu vida está en nuestras manos)
2. Nexion A|Ω
3. 38 Pacientes de…
4. Alquimia Forense
5. 33 (Ars Sinistra)
6. La Hora Dorada

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