Unearth "The March (Special Edition)" CD/DVD

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1. My Will Be Done
2. Hail The Shrine
3. Crow Killer
4. Grave Of Opportunity
5. We Are Not Anonymous
6. The March
7. Cutman
8. The Chosen
9. Letting Go
10. Truth Or Consequence
11. Our Callous Skin (Bonus Track)
12. Silence Caught The Stubborn Tongue (Bonus Track)

"Making The March"
"The Three Day March"
"Gig Life" 2009
"Wacken 2008" Live
This Glorious Nightmare
My Heart Bleeds No Longer
Black Hearts Now Reign
The Great Dividers
My Will Be Done
Grave Of Opportunity
Preproduction with Adam D
Recording Guitars
Recording Vocals
Recording Backup Vocals with Norma Jean

If you're searching for brutal and aggressive metal, you've met your match with UNEARTH. Combining elements of hardcore, thrash, and extreme metal while also never overlooking the importance of thought-provoking lyrical ideas and concepts UNEARTH has steadily become one of the leading lights in heavy metal.

Phipps claims "This is our most crushing record to date. We pulled back some of the speed on this album just a bit so we could make the tunes more pummeling." He added, "The record has everything we have brought to the table in the past, the thrash, stomp, groove, melody and classic metal elements, but the song writing continues to improve. We are all proud as fuck of this album."

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