Uncut Reality "Issue #1" Zine

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Active Stenosis, Autistic Society System Filth Records, Campaign for Musical Destruction, CSMD, Dahmer, Denak, Fecal Vomit, Fuck Yoga Records, Harsh Supplement, Jagernaut, Atrofia Cerebral / Audicion Irritable, Modorra, Morte Lenta, Nihilist Commando, Noise Not War, Noma, Paralyzed Society, Poço Discos, SxOxTxE, Tumor, Vernacvlaar Destrvction, Why Who What; reports from Grindmare 8 & Optimalinija Kaos Panonia and 40+ reviews (grindcore, noisecore, harsh noise, crust / d-beat / hardcore, and more! 66 pages.

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