Trial (swe) "Motherless - Grey/Beige Marbled" 12"

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01. Motherless
02. In Empyrean Labour
03. Cold Comes the Night
04. Juxtaposed
05. Aligerous Architect

06. Birth
07. Embodiment
08. Rebirth

Vinyl Features:
+ Grey/Beige Marbled Vinyl
+ Gatefold Jacket
+ A2 Size Poster (16" x 24")
+ Limited Edition European Import

The members of Trial (swe) joined forces in 2007 in Sweden, laying their previous musical endeavors to rest to create something together. Doomed by the restlessness of youth, many songs were written during their humble beginnings, but few withstood the test of time. For two years Trial (swe) rehearsed, wrote and fought their way through hard times - until finally, in 2009, they found Linus, who was able to unite the band and become the voice of Trial (swe).

Trial (swe) entered Studiomega together with producer and engineer Olof Berggren, armed to the teeth with passion and purpose. As the first snow fell over the the countryside that surrounded the studio, the first chords were struck and thus the shaping of Motherless had begun. "We knew from there on that we were onto something rather special, we felt it in our bones," the band explains. "About a month later we came out on the other side, completely empty and devoid of rational thought... Just like last time, we gave Costin Chioreanu the freedom to interpret our music from within his own strange universe and we are very glad that we decided to do so. It's as if he speaks the same wordless language, we understand each other's visions without needing to voice them. We are extremely eager to share this with all of you!"

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