Toxic Holocaust "Chemistry of Consciousness" CD

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Toxic Holocaust "Chemistry of Consciousness" CD

Chemistry of Consciousness is the sound of Discharge on speed, Slayer with a punk rock chip on its shoulder, The Exploited on a Metallica overdose---the perfect marriage of punk angst and metal guitar licks and hooks. If there's one thing the punks and the heshers will agree on in 2013, its that TOXIC HOLOCAUST's Chemistry of Consciousness is a rager of a record destined to top any worthwhile best of 2013 list.



1.  Awaken the Serpent  01:38
2.  Silence  02:12
3.  Rat Eater  03:42
4.  Salvation is Waiting  02:49
5.  Out of the Fire  02:53
6.  Acid Fuzz  02:31
7.  Deny the Truth  02:18
8.  Mkultra  02:07
9.  I Serve....  02:30
10. International Conspiracy  02:32
11. Chemistry of Consciousness  02:53
12. Wargasm (Bonus Track)  02:37

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