Tommy Gustafsson & The Idiots "Eastern State Penitentiary" CD

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1. Still Alone
2. Oh Yeah!
3. One Last Chance
4. No Sound
5. Rotten To The Core
6. Missing In Action
7. Back On Track
8. Falling Through
9. Die Like Rats
10. 2004
11. Sore Eyes

Tommy Gustafsson & The Idiots are going about punk rock exactly how bands should. They’re just playing, no bullshit, and no fluff, just punk rock done right. TG&TI's feature ex members from Da Skywalkers! The band has decided to do something entirely new with the sound of the music on "Eastern State Penitentiary". Doing it like they always had wasn't something they desired to repeat. What that sound is though... Well, you're going to have to get the record to find out!

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