The Wandering Ascetic (Singapore) "Crimson" Limited Edition CD

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RUDRA members create some more exemplary black/thrash metal music, this time without the Indian classical instruments but retaining the trademark spiritual fervour. THE WANDERING ASCETIC has dissonant, nay, hypnotic riffing which is rare in the style. It is underpinned by some crushing grooves which elevates the entire art form to different level. All in all, this is fascinating black/thrash metal that draws its influences from the Hellenic black metal scene as well as from RUDRA and is a fresh take on a style that has largely been stagnating until now. 'Crimson' is easily the band's finest and its life-transforming concept is expressed impeccably through the unmistakable artwork of Mark Riddick.

Here's a gorgeous edition of THE WANDERING ASCETIC's digipak CD with artwork by Mark Riddick and layout by Turkka Rantanen (DEMILICH, DEMIGOD). It contains complete lyrics and info and is limited to only 300 copies worldwide

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