The Mob "The Truth Over The Airwaves!" CD

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Here is your chance to get a taste of one of the pioneers of NYHC, The Mob, live!

Contained on this CD is a rare live recording dating back to 1987. During that year The Mob had the opportunity to chant their lyrics over the radio - this was unheard of back then for a band of their intensity and rebellious ways.

For those of you that were a part of the scene back then, relive and reminisce. For those of you that were not, here's your chance to learn your roots and history.

A couple of unreleased tunes adds to the package!

01 - Intro
02 - Girl I Need You
03 - Instant Success
04 - Vampires & Liars
05 - 101
06 - F.A.S.T.
07 - New Metal/Always Ready
08 - Always Ready - Outro
09 - Zoo Crew
10 - Your Time Has Come
11 - Crucial Point
12 - Revolution
13 - Upset The System
14 - Common Criminal
15 - Spinal Tap
16 - Z.D.F.
17 - Dr. Butcher
18 - Car Crash
19 - Say You Didn't Know
20 - Righteous Jam

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