The Dillinger Escape Plan "Miss Machine" CD

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Miss Machine CD from Dillinger Escape Plan!

1. "Panasonic Youth" 2:27
2. "Sunshine the Werewolf" 4:17
3. "Highway Robbery" 3:30
4. "Van Damsel" 2:59
5. "Phone Home" (Chris Pennie, Puciato) 4:15
6. "We Are the Storm" 4:38
7. "Crutch Field Tongs" (Pennie) 0:52
8. "Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants" 3:27
9. "Baby's First Coffin" 4:02
10. "Unretrofied" (Weinman) 5:37
11. "The Perfect Design" 3:50

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