Testament " Formation of Damnation" CD

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Digitally remastered and expanded edition including three bonus tracks. The Formation of Damnation is the 10th studio album by thrash metal band Testament, originally released in 2008. It was Testament's first album since 2001's First Strike Still Deadly and their first of new material since 1999's The Gathering. It was also Testament's first release with original guitarist Alex Skolnick since 1992's The Ritual and bassist Greg Christian since 1994's Low, as well as the band's only studio album recorded with drummer Paul Bostaph, who joined Testament in 1993 but became a full-time member in 2007 before leaving the band four years later.



  • 1 For the Glory of..." (Instrumental)
  • 2 More Than Meets the Eye
  • 3 The Evil Has Landed
  • 4 The Formation of Damnation
  • 5 Dangers of the Faithless
  • 6 The Persecuted Won't Forget
  • 7 Henchmen Ride
  • 8 Killing Season
  • 9 Afterlife
  • 10 F.E.A.R." ("False Evidence Appearing Real")
  • 11 Leave Me Forever
  • 12 The New Order (Alcatraz Revisited)
  • 13 Practice What Your Preach (Alcatraz Revisited)
  • 14 Souls of Black (Alcatraz Revisited)

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