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CD Jewelcase (incl. 8 page booklet)

RELEASE DATE: 17/02/2023

Dancing between post-hardcore, alternative and experimental rock genres, Hungarian alternative rock outfit Shell Beach deliver an incredible third album release Solar Flare, out via Wild Thing Records on February 17th, 2023. Recorded in seclusion at LA Garden studios situated in the picturesque forests in Southern Hungary. Initially formed in 2008, and with several European tours under their belt, Shell Beach’s lineup has evolved over time into what is now a Hungarian supergroup from Budapest’s highly respected underground rock scene. As a result the band have expanded on their post-hardcore and shoegaze roots, with a well-crafted and evolved third album. Shell Beach’s current members includes founding member Paul Somló on guitar (son of famous Hungarian musician Tamás Somló from the bands Omega and Locomotiv GT), Zoltán Bodóczy (vocals), Mátyás Mohácsi (bass), Viktor Sági (Guitar) and Dániel Szalay (drums). Written during extended Covid lockdowns, Solar Flare delves deep into themes of mental health, loss and rebirth, as well as the enduring will to survive despite life’s trials and tribulations.

1. Dismembering Games
2. Absolution
3. Hero
4. Love Craft – House of Death
5. Interlude
6. Feeble Glory
7. Miracle Misdemeanor
8. Black Hole’s My Horizon
9. Hydra
10. My Devil and More
11. Agitation Divine
12. Olyan Szépek Voltunk

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