Shawn James "A Place In The Unknown" CD

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Shawn James "A Place In The Unknown" Jewelcase CD

Shawn James releases his sixth studio album 'A Place In The Unknown' on February 25, 2022. Written throughout 2020-2021, the events of those times are reflected in this collection of songs. At its core, it’s a rock record that dips its toes into folk, blues, metal, soul and more. Recorded at Parts + Labor Studios and produced by Jimmy Messer, 'A Place In The Unknown' promises to be a new chapter for Shawn James.

Track List:

1. Ghost (You Don't Know My Name)
2. No Blood From A Stone
3. Lead The Way
4. Not Alone
5. The Stones Cried Out
6. Sodom & Gomorrah
7. No One Knows
8. The Devil's Daughters
9. War
10. Only Cowards Drop Bombs
11. Attached
12. What Dreams May Come

Artwork by Eleonora Pulcini

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