Revocation "Empire of the Obscene" CD

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01. Unattained
02. Tail from the Crypt
03. Exhumed Identity
04. Fields of Predation
05. Alliance and Tyranny
06. Suffer These Wounds
07. Summon the Spawn
08. None Shall Be Spared (All Shall Be Speared)
09. Stillness
10. Age of Iniquity
11. Empire of the Obscene
12. Summon the Spawn (Demo 2006)
13. Unattained (Demo 2006)
14. Suffer These Wounds (Demo 2006)

Revocation's Dave Davidson:
"Back in 2008 we self released our debut record 'Empire of The Obscene' only pressing 1,000 copies at the time. Now, thanks to the good folks at Metal Blade Records and the demand of our fans, it will be available worldwide! We are very excited to finally give this record a proper release and can't wait for everyone to hear the newly remixed and re-mastered tunes courtesy of Pete Rutcho. We're also including the elusive 'Summon the Spawn' demo from 2006 as well as newly revamped cover art to make this release extra special."

Metal Blade Records item #154302

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