Resin Tomb "Cerebral Purgatory" Hand-numbered Edition CD

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These are high quality 8-panel digipak CDs with excellent full colour printing and moreover have a beautiful metallic effect throughout in addition to gloss raised UV lamination done on parts of the delectably sick Nether Temple Design artwork. This is the first press of the CD which is limited and hand-numbered to 300 copies. Each CD comes with a download code and a transparent logo sticker.

After releasing a couple of well-received EPs, Australian band Resin Tomb have perfected their sound for their highly awaited debut full length and it's everything you've come to expect from them and more. They've forged their own sound which is a remarkably cohesive mix of dissonant death metal, gravelly grind and somehow even thick, blackened sludge. This unique sound allows them to do their own thing and veer into whatever direction they feel like and it still sounds complete and fulfilling. Every song is an excursion, delivering the goods in one way or the other. It keeps you on edge, with Resin Tomb exploring the myriad possibilities, while keeping the music taut and explosive. Tantalizing dissonant riffs often give way to skull-splintering breakdowns and then they carry on business as usual and do the next thing to obliterate your existence. Resin Tomb remain fully in control throughout the ideal duration of the album, pivoting effortlessly between the barely identifiable realms without disrupting the inexorable momentum, infusing atmosphere and intrigue into their jagged, abrasive sound like no other and giving us one of the best albums this style has witnessed.

For fans of: Terra Builder, Replicant, Vermin Womb, Norse, Spurn, Michel Anoia

Line up -
Matt Budge (Consumed) - Vocals
Perry Vedelago (Siberian Hell Sounds) - Drums
Brendan Auld (Descent, Feculent) - Guitar
Matt Gordon - Guitar
Mitch Long (Consumed) - Bass

Additional Vocals on Flesh Brick By Scott Tabone of Burial Pit

Artwork by Mitchell Nolte (Baest, Werewolves)

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