Raped Ape "Terminal Reality (Anniversary Edition)" CD

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When people reflect on the Florida metal scene of the late-'80s, groups like Death, Morbid Angel, and Obituary instantly spring to mind. Yet, there's one band that despite never achieving the same glory some of their contemporaries enjoyed, is still adored and respected amongst cult metal fans all these years later: Lake Worth thrash heathens RAPED APE.

Named after mechanic slang for an object moving at unhinged speeds, RAPED APE did precisely that within the South Florida metal scene, releasing three demos and opening for the likes of Sepultura, Overkill, M.O.D., Coroner, and more. Eventually, the group entered the famed Morrisound Recording to work with producer extraordinaire Scott Burns to track their debut EP, 1993's Terminal Reality. Having just celebrated its 30th anniversary, Divebomb Records has once again joined forces with RAPED APE for a special re-release of Terminal Reality, presenting two exclusive new mixes of the material.

Explains RAPED APE drummer JC Dwyer, "'Old Dogs' is my vision, and it's sonically reminiscent of Scott Burns' epic Morrisound mix; but bigger, badder, and more defined thanks to modern digital mixing advancements. 'New Tricks' is pure, uncut Jamie King fury! If you've ever wondered what Terminal Reality might sound like if it were recorded in this day and age, this mix may very well answer your question..."

This anniversary edition also restores a recently uncovered guest solo from Dennis Munoz of Solstice, and even presents the formerly unreleased "Seen Not Heard"—recorded during the Terminal Reality sessions, but not included on the original release. Totaling 14 songs packaged alongside a 16-page booklet with re-imagined cover art (by Pooch), lyrics, photos, flyers, and liner notes from both the band and Scott Burns. For the fans, by the fans!


“OLD DOGS” Mix (2023) 
1. Land Of Broken Promises 
2. Victim Of The Game 
3. Voice Of Reason 
4. Remembrance 
5. Who's In Control 
6. Return To Nothing 
7. Seen Not Heard

“NEW TRICKS” Mix (2023) 
8. Land Of Broken Promises 
9. Victim Of The Game 
10. Voice Of Reason 
11. Remembrance 
12. Who's In Control 
13. Return To Nothing 
14. Seen Not Heard

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