RAM "Death" CD

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01. Death
02. ...Comes from the Mouth Beyond
03. I Am the End
04. Release Me
05. Defiant
06. Frozen
07. Under the Scythe
08. Hypnos
09. Flame of the Tyrants
10. 1771

In 2010, RAM went back into the studio to record their yet third album called Death. This time they worked with producers Per Stalberg and Olle Bjork to create their best album to date by far. Live shows as support for Swedish extreme black metal band Watain followed as well as destroying some festivals. Now in 2011, the band has signed a Worldwide deal with the iconic metal label Metal Blade and the world trembles in fear before the release of the metal behemoth that is Death. RAM are back! Necks will be broken! HEAVY METAL TYRANNY!

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