Ragged Barracudas "Ragged Barracudas EP" 7"

Color: Black
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RAGGED BARRACUDAS play some of the dirtiest, fuzziest swamp blues you will ever hear.  With a proper warm lo-fi tube amp sound, these guys have the tunes and just the right amount of eccentricity and weirdy-beardy not-quite-there about em to stand them out from the packs of snooze-inducing garage rockers.  The lazy drawl vocals sound like the singer's in mourning (or perhaps the record's playing at slightly the wrong speed) and it often sounds like the band haven't quite decided if they've finished the jam, with another wild solo emerging from the mire of super-fuzz.

Side A
1. Living The Dream     4:55

Side B
1. Cheap Allure     3:32
2. Motor Jam     2:43

600 total copies pressed worldwide on black vinyl with pro foldover sleeves.  Amazing artwork by the always brilliant Adam Burke.   Jukebox-style big hole 7" record.

Unholy Anarchy Records | At War With False Noise | Who Can You Trust? Records | Cardinal Fuzz (2014)

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