Pyrithion "The Burden of Sorrow" 7"

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01. The Invention of Hatred
02. Bleed Out

03. Rest in the Arms of Paralyzed Beast

Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying): Vocals
Ryan Gilsan (Allegaeon): Guitars
Andy Godwin (Embodyment): Guitars

It's a struggle for some bands to get started, while others appear to seamlessly come together. With years of perspective and experience, the three members of Pyrithion have created a dark and intense death metal record almost overnight. The individual members' prior success aside, the music speaks for itself.

Singer Tim Lambesis, who is best known for his work as the front man of As I Lay Dying, explains: "I have wanted to do a heavier and more traditionally metal band for a while. Being that I own a recording studio, I thought a great place to start was by asking my engineer who the best guitar player is that he has recorded. I wanted to team him up with one of my favorite guitar players growing up."

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