Pyrexia "Age Of The Wicked" CD

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PYREXIA was Re-Born.

Putting together a ferocious line-up , including drummer Justin DiPinto, most know for his work with MALEVOLANT CREATION on the album “Will to Kill”. The next to enlist would become one of the most integral parts of PYREXIA today. That person is audio masochist and vocal prodigy Erick Shute. Erick came into the picture never singing in a band before and was 9 years old when “Sermon of Mockery” was released. Today , he is a huge part of leading the band forward and faster like never before. Packed with talent, in 2004, PYREXIA recorded and released what was to be a prelude to their next full length release “Cruelty Beyond Submission”. Containing 3 new songs and an assortment of PYREXIA ‘s more favorite older tracks through independant record label CRASH RECORDS.

UNIQUE LEADER . A label known for releasing some of the sickest, meanest , quality underground DEATH METAL , saw an opportunity in PYREXIA as the band did in the label. Joining forces in 2006, PYREXIA recorded and released the new album “Age of the Wicked” under the UL flag in January 2007. Currently abominating crowds in support of this new release , PYREXIA continues to dominate with no end in sight.


1. The Wicked Rise
2. Prey The Weak
4. Irony
5. Shackles of The Mind
6. Season of Anguish
7. Song of Hate
8. Life Long Hate
9. Ode To Brinn
10. No Apologies

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