Phoenix Mourning "When Excuses Become Antiques" CD

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1. Across Twenty-Six Winters
2. Contrast
3. Niche'
4. One January Morning
5. When The Sky Falls
6. From Afar
7. A New Décor
8. Etched
9. The Ornament
10. Waiting For The King
11. My Future Actress
12. Glasskiss
13. 12.5

Phoenix Mourning was formed in June of 2004 with members of past bands coming together with the same vision; artists wanting their passion and love for music to be shared on a universal scale. Creating music that thrives on the emotions that ultimately speak as a novel to their lives, the members of PHOENIX MOURNING have been blessed with the ability to share their personal stories through well crafted and expertly performed songs. Album standouts include "A New Décor", "From Afar" and "Waiting for the King".

Metal Blade Records item #145642

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