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American brutal death metal four-piece PATHOLOGY, spearheaded by drummer extraordinaire Dave Astor (ex-cofounder of Cattle Decapitation), re-emerge with their twelfth studio album. "Unholy Descent" is a sinister hybrid of unflinching and delightful aural punishment. The album is replete with razor-sharp guitars and brutish, frog-edged vocals, clipped together by a hard-slamming cascade of tight & taut drumming. With drops of melody seeping into the crevices of PATHOLOGY's unremitting charge, these thirteen tales of ancient aliens, demonic powers and social issues, will leave your hearing beaten and bruised in the best way possible.

The relentless wave of sonic devastation of "Unholy Descent" was carefully designed, recorded and mixed at Sharkbite Studios by Zack Ohren (Aborted, All Shall Perish, Decrepit Birth) in June 2023, and aptly mastered by the capable hands of Alan Douches at West West Side Music (Origin, Cannibal Corpse, Cattle Decapitation). The painting which adorns the cover artwork was created by Pär Olofsson (Exodus, Abysmal Dawn, Immolation).

"Unholy Descent" is PATHOLOGY's third consecutive album with the same personnel, comprising a proven set of talented death metal mavericks, in the shape of said Dave Astor on drums, Daniel Richardson on guitars, Richard Jackson on bass, and Obie Flett on vocals. The line-up was portrayed in photography by Nikki Astor.

"We are very happy to release this album to the world," Dave Astor comments. "It delves into conspiracies and ancient mythos, while incorporating new elements to the music. Making this album was incredibly enjoyable, and we hope our fans appreciate it as much as we do."


  1. Intro
  2. Cult of the Black Triangle
  3. Hermetic Gateways
  4. Psychotronic Abominations
  5. Summon the Shadows
  6. Whispers of the Djinn
  7. Archon
  8. Malevolent Parasite
  9. Diabolical Treachery
  10. Demons in the Aether
  11. Punishment Beyond Comprehension
  12. Apostles of Fire
  13. A World Turned to Ashes

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