Obscura "Illegimitation" Limited Edition 12"

Color: Black
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Some LPs arrived with damaged jackets and can be purchased at a 40% discount. Cracks in spine, bumped edges and/or scuffing may be present on the jacket. See additional pic. Please be aware that no returns will be accepted for the discounted LPs unless there is a defect in the actual vinyl.

Black Vinyl, Gatefold Edition

Illegimitation is OBSCURA's first ever demo collection, featuring the band's earliest recordings and brand new cover songs. As one of the first bands in extreme metal, Obscura funded this release with the concept of crowd sourced capital.

OBSCURA's very first record, 'Illegimitation' was tracked in 2003 with their long term producer V.Santura and shows the beginning of this band back in 2002. Additionally there are unreleased recordings done in 2006 after the band's first European tour with Suffocation where you'll find songs such as 'Incarnated' in it's original form. To round out this release the band recorded three songs that influenced this band since the beginning up to the present - Death - Flesh and the Power it holds, Atheist - Piece of Time and Cynic - How Could I?.

'Illegimitation' Demo (2003):
01. ...and all will come to an end
02. Crucified
03. Fear
04. Immanent Desaster

'Cosmogenesis' Preproduction (2006):
05. Incarnated
06. Open the Gates
07. Headworm

Recording Session (2011):
08. Flesh and the Power it Holds (Death)
09. Piece of Time (Atheist)
10. How Could I? (Cynic)

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