Necrophagia "Moribundis Grim" Collector's Edition 12"

Color: Dark grey marble
Sale price$35.00


After many years of silence, the legendary death metal force of NECROPHAGIA, one of the very first death metal acts, has reawakened. The band’s revamped line-up have signed to Time To Kill Records for the release of the their final album, “Moribundis Grim”.

In the years of 2016-2018, the band’s last line-up - Killjoy, Serge Streltsov, Shawn Slusarek and Jake Arnette - composed and started recording what became their final opus, “Moribundis Grim”.

Unfortunately in 2018 Killjoy passed away before finishing the album. In 2022 with the help of special guests and former Necrophagia members - John McEntee from Incantation, Titta Tani (ex Goblin) and Mirai Kawashima from Sigh - the album was finally completed.

In a way, it is quite sensational to see another NECROPHAGIA album released at this point in time, meaning 40 years after their first demos were released!

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