Necromancing The Stone "Jewel of the Vile" CD

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01. Crusher
02. Bleed for the Night
03. The Descent
04. The Siren's Call
05. Ritualistic Demise
06. The Old One
07. Rotted Reunion
08. Unfinished Business
09. Honor Thy Prophet
10. From Graves to Infamy
11. The Battle of Morningstar

If flaccid, identikit, breakdown-laden "metal" is the disease, Necromancing The Stone is the cure. In fact, the quintet will take on any and all comers who dare sully the name of the mightiest of genres with anything less than 100% respect and commitment, and with debut full-length, Jewel of the Vile, they throw down a formidable gauntlet. Taking a traditionalist approach imbued with flavors of thrash and death metal, every track they stamp their name on is a beast in the truest sense, built on gigantic riffs, pulverizing rhythms and the towering vocals of "Big" John Williams, paying their respects to the likes of Megadeth, Maiden and Anthrax, while creating something that is uniquely Necromancing The Stone. "Call it what you will, or describe our music however you feel is best, but to us it is just heavy metal," states guitarist Justin Wood. "It is riffs and melodies. It is sonic savagery worth banging your head to."

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