Napoli Violenta "Neapolitan Powerviolence" CD

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Napoli Violenta was born in 2018 in the Neapolitan hinterland by four old exponents of the Neapolitan Metal / HC Punk scene, whose identity remains unknown and shrouded in silence. The intent was immediately to merge Poliziottesco and Grindcore, two genres, one cinematic as imaginary and the other musical as attitude, two revolutions distant in time and space but with common denominators: Cynical, infamous and violent. The project therefore takes its name from the film of the same name directed by Umberto Lenzi in 1976 "Napoli Violenta", second chapter of the "trilogia commissario Betti" Maurizio Merli, with the soundtrack by Franco Micalizzi, drawing inspiration from the grindcore of the first Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Repulsion, Carcass, Extreme Noise Terror, Brutal Truth ... the logo itself is a clear example of "pezzotto" (fugazi art) which constitutes at the same time a conceptual and sound tribute to the genre. Maximum compared to Mario Merola and Pino Mauro, what t’nnis a dìcer 'rà Sceneggiata ?? Fun spirit, sarcasm, sings in Napulenglish, capeesh?

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