Musket Hawk "Musket Hawk | Sunburster Split EP" 7"

Color: Black
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Baltimore's MUSKET HAWK are a mainstay in the local underground scene.  Their apocalyptic sludge heaviness matched with bursts of grind is crushing.  The band features former members of A WARM GUN.  The band will release their sophomore full-length LP, Desolate, via Unholy Anarchy & Goodtimes Records, on May 6th, 2016.

Philly's SUNBURSTER are equally intoxicating, with a heavy as hell sludge feel with bits and pieces of hardcore thrown in for good measure.  SUNBURSTER features current and former members of OCCULT 45, KRIEG, and DEATHBEDS.

Side A (Musket Hawk)
1. Devil's Cadillac     5:06

Side B (Sunburster)
Prize Pig     3:16

Vinyl edition is limited to 500 copies, with 300 on Black, 100 on Orange, and 100 on Turquoise.  Artwork by Gary Fry.  Includes digital download code.

Unholy Anarchy Records (2015)

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