Musket Hawk "Desolate CD" CD

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Baltimore, Maryland-based sludge/grind assassins MUSKET HAWK spew forth their sophomore full-length, Desolate, via Unholy Anarchy Records.

A vile, near half-hour-long exploration into the underbelly of sonic filth, MUSKET HAWK’s self-produced, fittingly-titled Desolate was mastered by Dan Randall (GHOUL, ANNIHILATION TIME, IMPALED, etc.) and delivers eight decaying tracks of chaos, disorder and monolithic gloom.

Track List
1. Pollute Your Throat     3:08
2. Reluctant Punk     2:24
3. Jeweler     4:04
4. The Grove     4:33
5. ConnoisSewer     3:16
6. Space-Ray Houska     3:38
7. Tweed After Dark     3:44
8. Candidate For the Knife     6:48

CD edition housed in a jewel case with 4-page insert.

Unholy Anarchy Records | Goodtimes Records (2016)

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