Midnight "Hellish Expectations" CD

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Midnight "Hellish Expectations" CD
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01. Expect Total Hell
02. Gash Scrape
03. Masked and Deadly
04. Slave of the Blade
05. Dungeon Lust
06. Nuclear Savior
07. Deliver Us to Devil
08. Mercyless Slaughtor
09. Doom Death Desire
10. F.O.A.L.

CD Features:
+ Jewel Case
+ 8-Page Booklet

The notorious and prolific Cleveland cult, Midnight, have been slaying the metal/punk underground with their own, highly addictive brand of lust, filth, and sleaze dating back to the band's inception in 2003. Filthy, belligerent and obnoxious, Midnight make music to start fights to. One-man-band, Athenar, has been churning out an ungodly racket, dropping countless demos, splits and EPs, and in 2024 he returns with Midnight's sixth full-length, 'Hellish Expectations.'

Athenar says about the album: "It's a knuckle dragger with a fat cutoff. Pure testosterone meat. Probably the most concise and straight to the point Midnight album to date, and all written in a weekend. The album was written on pure reaction upon leaving the studio after listening to raw tracks from the previous album 'Let There Be Witchery.' The final mix of that album was good, but at the time of laying it down in the studio, I didn't like what I was hearing and demanded a new leviathan of an album to be written that weekend."

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Code: Midnight-HellishExpectations-2024

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