Mayhem "Out From The Dark" 12"

Color: Black
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Mayhem "Out From The Dark" 12" vinyl. Import.

'Out from the Dark' features a rare & ferocious rehearsal from the Mayhem archive which was recorded back in 1989 and is a chance to hear tracks from the quartet's early years in all their raw and brutal glory, including classics such as 'Freezing Moon', 'Funeral Fog' & 'Deathcrush'. The band would embark upon a serious of live shows in Norway and Germany the following year which would eventually go down in black metal legend, with those recordings also now immortalised.



1. "Pure Fucking Armageddon"
2. "Funeral Fog"
3. "Freezing Moon"
4. "Buried by Time and Dust"
5. "Deathcrush"
6. "Chainsaw Gutsfuck"
7. "Necrolust"

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