Lago "Sea of Duress" CD

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Phoenix, Arizona's LAGO was founded in January 2010 by guitarist and vocalist Cole Jacobsen. Upon completing their initial lineup with bassist Garrett Thomas, the band released their first EP, ‘Marianas’ on Pale Horse Records to critical acclaim in November 2010. LAGO then erupted into the scene with their ‘Tyranny’ debut LP through Battleground Records in 2014, an album that showed the band delivering a ferocious brew of classic but modernized death metal, surrounded in a blackened fog, wholly bearing an oppressive atmosphere. The record received acclaim from a wide array of respected media outlets and fans alike. Following some lineup restructuring, LAGO — guitarist/vocalist Cole Jacobsen, bassist/vocalist Garrett Thomas, lead guitarist Gus Barr, and drummer Neil Koch — returned with a revamped and refreshed attack, presenting the dense “Dominion” leading off the new split 7”, which included a bonus digital DL song entitled "Catacombs and Oceans". The band is now set to unleash its’ highly anticipated ‘Sea of Duress’ showcasing once again the bands original and truly unique style.

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