Kolp "The Outside CD" Deluxe Edition CD

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Release Date: November 12, 2012

KOLP are a mysterious Hungarian horde, now solely comprising the members Knot and Jim Jones.  The band's The Covered Pure Permanence debut displayed a black metal band both traditional yet adventurous, and now KOLP's The Outside sees them taking both traditionalism and adventurous even further.  The Outside comprises eight tortured compositions that go to the deepest core, as the world shrinks - where light doesn't exist and darkness has no meaning. 

Track List
1. There Was No Place To Hide     4:43
2. The Initial State     5:04
3. Drowning     5:01
4. The Void and The Silence     4:47
5. The Place     4:23
6. Completion     6:23
7. Interface Has Dissolved     4:08
8. The Outside     5:24

Presented as a 6-panel deluxe digipak.

Temple of Torturous (2012)

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