Killswitch Engage "Killswitch Engage (20th Anniversary Split Vinyl)" 12"

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01. Temple from the Within
02. Vide Infra
03. Irreversal
04. Rusted Embrace
05. Prelude
06. Soilborn

07. Numb Sickened Eyes
08. In the Unblind
09. One Last Sunset
10. Prelude (1999 Demo)
11. Soilborn (1999 Demo)
12. Vide Infra (1999 Demo)
13. In the Unblind (1999 Demo)

Vinyl Features:
+ Coke Bottle Clear / Olive Green Split Vinyl
+ Single Jacket
+ 2-Sided Insert
+ 20th Anniversary Limited Edition

Metal Blade Records Item #157256
Code: KillswitchEngage-20thAnniversary-2020

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