Jinjer "Alive In Melbourne" CD

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Jinjer "Alive In Melbourne" CD
-officially licesed Jinjer music

JINJER’s historical show before the lockdown! A ferocious live performance cementing the band’s unique status as metal’s rising stars!

On March 5, 2020, Ukrainian modern metal juggernauts JINJER played one of their last shows before the world went on a global lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, making it a historical event in the band’s successful career, just as they intended to take the world by storm by supporting their critically acclaimed new album, Macro, on their extensive world tour, starting in Australia. “It was a time when we all thought things will be alright. Plans were set! Heads full of hopes! Just a few days before everything came crumbling down and to a screeching halt... It was one of the last metal shows on the planet. It was one of the first and sadly one the last shows of the Macro World Tour - so we were extremely lucky to have this on record and film alike”, comments the band. 



1. Intro 04:00
2. Teacher, Teacher! 05:56
3. Sit Stay Roll Over 04:38
4. Ape 03:27
5. Judgement (& Punishment) 04:36
6. I Speak Astronomy 05:55
7. Who Is Gonna Be the One 05:41
8. Noah 04:31
9. Retrospection 04:29
10. Perennial 04:39
11. On The Top 05:43
12. Pit of Consciousness 04:34
13. Home Back 04:26
14. Words of Wisdom 04:59
15. Pisces 05:09
16. Captain Clock 04:44
17. Outro 01:37

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