Jim Florentine "Awful Jokes from My First Comedy Notebook" CD

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01. Introduction
02. Awful One Liners
03. Awful Puns Pt. 1
04. Awful Bad Jokes
05. Awful Cops, Drinking & Driving Jokes
06. Awful Dating Jokes
07. Awful Sex Jokes
08. Awful Heckler Lines
09. Awful Puns Pt. 2
10. Awful Answering Machine Outro Messages
11. Awful MTV Audition Script

"Last year when I moved, I was cleaning out my closet and I found my first comedy notebooks. I was disgusted at my early writing and was ready to burn the books until my wife said I should save them for my son to read one day. I figured he will eventually torture me one day so I might as well torture him with some really old bad jokes! You will feel my disdain in this material as I deliver it. It was recorded in a studio and not in front of a live audience. The reason I did that is because either way there are no laughs to be heard! There are over 220 bad jokes on this CD. Hope you enjoy laughing at my pain!" - Jim Florentine

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