Jasta "The Lost Chapters, VOL. 2" CD

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Track listing:

1.  They Want Your Soul (featuring George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher)

2. Return from War (featuring Max Cavalera) 

3. Strength to Draw the Line (featuring Jesse Leach)

4. Cleansed by the Waves (featuring Zoli Teglas)

5. When the Contagion is You (featuring Matthew K. Heafy) 

6. Spilled Blood Never Dries (featuring Kirk Windstein)

7. Heaven Gets What It Wants (featuring Howard Jones) 

8. Silence the Enemy Mind (featuring BillyBio) 

9. Just Breathe (featuring Frankie Palmeri)

10. Our Guardian Angel (featuring Phil Rind) 

11. 13 Appears (featuring Tommy Victor) 

12. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due (featuring Joey Concepcion)

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