Jacobs Dream "Drama Of The Ages" CD

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1. Drama Of The Ages
2. Keeper Of The Crown
3. Spinning Leaf
4. Stand Or Fall
5. Tempest
6. Third Way
7. Forever Winter
8. Drowning Man
9. Deceiver Of The Nations
10. Cutting Words
11. Victory
12. At The Gates
13. Canon In D (Hidden Track)

The four original members of Jacobs Dream have returned with their latest release Drama of the Ages. James Evans on bass, Gary Holtzman on Drums, Jon Noble and John Berry on guitar along with new vocalist Chaz Bond. Combining a wide array of musical influences from classical to NWOBHM, melodic death metal, Jacobs Dream have molded a strong new sound in the power / epic metal vein. Not attempting to recycle the past but rather to keep a tradition of true metal in a new millennia.

Metal Blade Records item #145012

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