Inherit Disease "Procreating an Apocalypse" CD

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Formed in 2001, Half of the band from Ventura, California. The other half from Santa Barbara.
Inherit Disease set out to create musick as brutal, technical, original, and as dissonant as possible.

1. Dissimulate Invalidity 04:10
2. Imprisoned And Afflicted By Aberration 03:26
3. Apostasy of Unknowing 03:40
4. Catathymic Rage 03:35
5. Myiasis 02:28
6. Obligated To Suffer 02:54
7. Procreating An Apocalypse 03:00
8. Pleasures of Lunacy 03:11
9. Dementia Cephalus 02:49
10. Perpetual Animosity 02:48

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