In Extremo "Sunder Ohne Zugel" CD

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1. Wind
2. Krummavísur
3. Lebensbeichte
4. Merseburger Zaubersprüche II
5. Stetit Puella
6. Vollmond
7. Die Gier
8. Omnia Sol Temperat
9. Le 'Or Chiyuchech
10. Der Rattenfänger
11. óskasteinar
12. Nature Nous Semont
13. Unter dem Meer

In Extremo are a popular German folk-metal band known for their medieval themes, instruments, and lyrics. Their music incorporates a standard heavy metal lineup of vocals, guitar, bass, and drums, in addition to medieval folk instruments, primarily bagpipes. Their songs are both originals and traditionals, the latter often in medieval languages such as Latin or archaic dialects of German. - Jason Birchmeier (All Music Guide)

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