I Am "Eternal Steel " 12"

Color: Opaque
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I Am "Eternal Steel " 12" Opaque vinyl

Across three full-length slabs of bludgeoning intensity and snarling rage, I Am put a Southern stamp and revitalized swagger into deathcore, a subgenre rarely as raw, energized, and diverse as this band.

In the spirit of fellow Southern icons Pantera and newer Texan heroes Power Trip, I Am channel discontent and anger into empowering anthems, as likely to inspire a grueling workout as to incite the pit. Reminiscent of the combination of death metal heaviness and thrash metal speed found in the early catalog of Sepultura, I Am mine the heaviness of Morbid Angel and the dexterity of the Big 4 to create something groundbreaking of their own.



  • 1 The Primal Wave
  • 2 Surrender to the Blade
  • 3 The Iron Gate
  • 4 Eternal Steel
  • 5 Vicious Instinct
  • 6 Infernal Panther
  • 7 Queen Incarnate
  • 8 Heaven on Earth
  • 9 Price of Pain
  • 10 Eye Candy
  • 11 Manic Cure

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