Gwar "America Must Be Destroyed (Special Edition)" CD/DVD

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DISC 1 (CD):
1. Ham On The Bone
2. Crack In The Egg
3. Gor-Gor
4. Have You Seen Me?
5. The Morality Squad
6. America Must Be Destroyed
7. Gilded Lily
8. Poor Ole Tom
9. Rock N Roll Never Felt So Good
10. Blimey
11. The Road Behind
12. Pussy Planet

Includes seminal Gwar feature video/movie releases:
- Phallus In Wonderland
- Tour De Scum

This is the reissue of the 1992 release America Must Be Destroyed featuring new DIGIPACK packaging and GWAR feature video/movie releases Phallus In Wonderland and Tour De Scum.

Metal Blade Records item #147572

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