Ghoul "Splatterthrash" CD

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The third full-length album from the Creepsylvanian-based splatterthrashers of Ghoul! They prove that thrash metal has stood the test of time and will not be stopped. Sick guitar riffs, catchy as hell, critical for moshing. Shouted group vocals and death metal growls and grunts. They don't stop there as they can turn up the reverb and belt out some killer surf jams.

Take a dose of psychoplasm before listening these terrible tales! With revived killer robots on the loose, mutant were-boars running wild, religious cultists taking over, and our four lovable miscreant cannibals fighting them all, Splatterthrash will have you dying for more! Live for metal, die for Ghoul.

Recorded and mixed by Sal Raya at Earhammer Studios. Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound. Cover art by Greg Oakes.

1. Into the Catacombs
2. As Your Casket Closes
3. Bury the Hatchet
4. Merde!
5. Cult of the Hunter
6. Mutant Mutilator
7. Psychoplasm
8. Splatterthrash
9. Gutbucket Blues
10. Rise, Killbot, Rise!!!
11. Life of the Living Dead
12. Baron Samedi

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